Mistake #1 – Lacking a Positive Attitude

Taking yourself to task for having a crummy attitude can be
like trying to find the beginning of a circle or ring. But because
you are an interconnected being that “bad” attitude could be
originating with other common obstacles to wellness. However,
while they may take more time and effort to achieve, changing
your mental state through a practice of gratitude can be done
with immediate and measurable effects on the rest of your being.
The social, physical, and psychological benefits of gratitude
have been well documented and research suggests these
benefits are readily available because gratitude:

• Boosts feelings of optimism, joy, pleasure, enthusiasm,
and other positive emotions

• Reduces anxiety and depression

• Strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure,
reduces symptoms of illness, and makes us less bothered
by aches and pains

• Encourages us to exercise more and take better care of
our health.

• Helps us sleep better: get more hours of sleep each
night, spend less time awake before falling asleep, and
feel more refreshed upon awakening

• Has been found to help people recover from traumatic
events, including Vietnam War veterans with PTSD

• Makes us feel closer and more committed to friends and
romantic partners

mistake 1

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