Mistake #2 – Living Bodies Need Living Foods

Seems logical, right? A living seed placed in the soil has all
of the nutrients and life force to grow generations of plants
for years to come. But take that same seed and slather it in
pesticides and herbicides, jam some foreign animal DNA into its
gene make-up, irradiate it, ship it an average of 1500 miles to
the grocery store where it will sit on a shelf before being shoved
in a nutrient killing microwave… well, you get the idea. Most
of our food supply, while “edible” and filling to our stomachs, is
dead on arrival.

What are living, whole foods? Food that is in its natural state,
preferably organic, local, and seasonal. Most of these foods are
found around the perimeter of your grocery store.
“Many people feel that if they can’t eat their favorite junk
foods, they are being deprived. In reality, the sooner you
switch your eating habits, the sooner you’ll enjoy increased
energy, normalized weight, a better mood and improved health
overall. Knowing this, many initially succeed at implementing
an improved diet, but then fall back into old habits… and
therefore, the ‘old’ body,” says Joseph Mercola, MD. “To avoid
this, I recommend you make the changes to your diet gradually,
starting with making one meal a day raw, then increasing
from there.”

mistake 2

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